Freedom Flight

Learn to Fly in Tasmania at
Devonport or George Town Airports

Helpful Web Sites


Jabiru Australia Ultralight Aircraft and Engines
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.
Airservices Weather Briefing For up to date weather information Australia wide
Australian Government
Civil Aviation Safety Authority Visual Flight Rules Guide in PDF form
live flights
Flight Radar View live data for flights around Australia
Recreatioal Aviation
Recreational Aviation Australia Recreational Aviation Australia web site
Rec Flying Forum
Recreational Flying Forum Forum for recreational flying pilots
George Town Airport George Town Airport Freedom Flight's main office
Devonport Aero Club Freedom Flight operates from the
Devonport Aero Club, clubrooms


Helpful iPhone - iPad apps - Search app store

Oz Runways
Oz Runways EFB Aeronautical publications on iPhone or iPad - 30 days free
AWIS Phonebook Phonebook for all AWIS stations in Australia, they give weather for the airport - free
Willy Weather Willy Weather Weather app - free

Usefull PDF Documents - View or Print

Explains radio calls for circuits, departing and entering circuit. Also examples of radio calls.
Membership and student pilot certificate and
product order form.